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Women’s Grievances Cell

"Empowered women transforms Society "

The Women Empowerment and Grievance Cell (WE& GC) @ JNTUK-UCEV has been constituted to empower and safeguard the rights of female fraternity of this College. It was started to empower female fraternity to recognize their true potentials to attain their own stand in a competing world. The WE& GC works to promote gender sensitivity in the college and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members, and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them into competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere.

Its aim is to create awareness about important issues related to female fraternity to provide a forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of issues from empowerment to environment.

It seeks to empower young women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phases which thrives mile stones of success in their life.

WE & GC functions with the added aim to enhance self-esteem and dignity of female fraternity and empower them in taking pertinent decisions.


To enrich female fraternity to become professionally competent and socially sensitive engineers with equality and dignity in congenial working environment to explore their imminent potential in all aspects.


To train female fraternity to acquire extensive range of skills and knowledge and to develop and increase their social, economic and intellectual capacities for peace, security and prosperity of mankind.


  • To develop critical thinking ability of female fraternity to enhance decision making.
  • To enable women to make informed choices in areas like technical education, employment and health especially reproductive health.
  • To enhance their active participation in an equal footing in all areas.
  • Identification of strong leadership and change-makers among female fraternity to build their capacity.
  • To organize awareness programs on gender sensitization.
  • The provision of opportunities for female fraternity to be financially, mentally and emotionally empowered to promote their growth as individuals.
  • Conducting various competitions to encourage their artistic talents for creative thinking.
  • To highlight the importance of spirituality, health, hygiene and safety.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude among young girls at the earliest so that they can be “job providers” rather than “job seekers”.
  • To promote intellectual & cultural activities for overall personality development of students.


Executive Committee Members :

Dr. G. Swami Naidu

Principal & Chairman WE&GC

Dr. G. Jaya Suma

Professor & HOD of IT, Convener WE&GC

Smt. M. Hema

Asst.Prof of ECE, Secretary WE&GC

Dr. V. S. Vakula

Asst.Prof. & HOD of EEE, Joint-Secretary WE&GC

Dr. P. Aruna Kumari

Asst. Prof. of CSE, Treasurer WE&GC

Smt. A. Padmaja

Asst. Prof. of EEE, Member WE&GC

Dr. Ch. Neelima Devi

Asst. Prof. of ME, Member WE&GC

Smt. B. Nalini

Asst. Prof. of ECE, Member WE&GC

Dr. Ch. Bindu Madhuri

Asst. Prof. of IT, Member WE&GC

Smt. M. Sowbhagya Lakshmi

Asst. Prof. of Chemistry, Member WE&GC

Smt. S. Ganga Mani

Sr. Asst. , Member(Non-Teaching) WE&GC

S. No Title of the Program Date Action
1 Women Empowerment And Grievance Cell Inauguration 06-03-2014 View
2 One Day Workshop On “Awakening Women” 06-03-2014
3 One Day Workshop On “Soft Skills” 29-07-2014 View
4 One Day Workshop On “Self-Empowerment”& Women’s day celebrations 05-03-2015 View
5 Conducted Medical Camp 20-02-2016  
6 One Day Workshop on Women Empowerment -2016 05-03-2016 View
7 International Women’s Day -2016   View
8 A-One Day” Workshop On Women In Everything – 2017” Organized. 18-02-2017  
9 International Women’s Day -2017 08-03-2017 View
10 women empowerment sessions (like orientation towards Technology, goal setting, people skills by WEGC members Sept--2017 View
11 Legal awareness program to girl students 23-10-2017
12 Quiz competition on women rights by the direction of the National Women Commission 23-10-2017
13 Poster presentation on empowerment in rural areas” 29-11-2017
14 Medical camp for girl students and women fraternity 21-12-2017
15 International Women’s Day-2018 08-03-2018
16 International Women’s Day-2019 08-03-2019 View
17 Support to DISHA ACT-2019 16-12-2019  
18 Medical camp for girl students and women fraternity 29-01-2020  
19 International Women’s Day-2020 07-03-2020 View
20 KNACK Explore your Talent contest 15-08-2020 to 20-08-2020  


“All Work and no Play make Jack a dull boy” goes a popular saying.

The significance of this saying has increased manifold in today’s fast-paced and competitive world where women fraternity are forced by both their guardians and the conglomerate of society and situations as a whole to devote increasing hours in academic learning , whether theoretical or practical and knowledge enhancing activities so that they can stay ahead in the rat race. Add to that the present way of life where people mostly stay in small nuclear families and with parents working, the viability of our own home as a place where we can have recreational time has diminished.



Recreation consists of activities or experiences carried on within leisure, usually chosen voluntarily by the participant – either because of satisfaction, pleasure or creative enrichment derived, or because he perceives certain personal or social values to be gained from them. It may, also be perceived as the process of participation, or as the emotional state derived from involvement.






Due to the intricacies in present-day society and the way of living, students nowadays are weaker than their older generations, both physically and emotionally. This gets reflected in their physical, emotional, and mental health as well as their behavior and development which all the more calls for bestowing on recreations the importance that it deserves.

Having a recreational area is one of the best ways of managing employees and improving team morale in workplace.

It makes work fun and breaks the ice between them, eventually building a strong workforce who will be on top of their game at all times, whether it is customer service, client servicing, or sales.

“There are clear neurological links between feelings, thoughts, and actions” -Annie Mckee



“When we are in the grip of strong negative emotions, it’s like having blinders on. We don’t process information as well, think creatively, or make good decisions. Frustration, anger, and stress cause an important part of us to shut down – the thinking, engaged part”





A happy environment, happy and satisfied employee is all it takes to spur the growth of the company. All the qualities like dedication, motivation, and retention are the result of the inner satisfaction and contentment among the workforce. The success of a company lies in the success of every individual employee.