The objectives of the College Academic Committee (CAC) are:

  • To organize and coordinate teaching and research in the departments of the college subject to the general control of the Academic Senate;
  • To recommend to the Board of Studies the courses of study for the different examinations after considering the recommendations of the departments of teaching.
  • To promote collaboration between the college and employment agencies and Industrial Organization and set up industries attached to College;
  • To maintain student discipline, hostels, the welfare activities of the students and to make rules, therefore, subject to the provisions of JNTU Act and general control of the Council;
  • To promote consultancy services in the faculty;
  • To make recommendations to the Academic Senate on the institution of scholarships, fellowships, etc.,
  • To deal with any other matter referred to it by the Academic Senate, Council, or other authorities of the University.

College Academic Committee

Dr. G. Swami Naidu

Principal & Chairman CAC

 Dr. R. Rajeswara Rao

               Vice-Principal & Member CAC

Dr. A. S. N. Chakravarthy

HCSE & Member CAC

Dr. K. Chandra Bhushana Rao

HECE & Member CAC

 Dr. G. Jaya Suma

HIT & Member CAC

Smt. A. Padmaja

              i/c HEEE & Member CAC

Dr. C. Neelima Devi

i/c HME & Member CAC

 Dr. S. Kalesha Vali


 Dr. G. Saraswathi

Prof.  of EEE & Member CAC

Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao

Prof.  of ECE & Member CAC