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Objectives of Music Club

  • Offer young people an opportunity for self expression through a non verbal creative and meaningful medium.
  • Help students to cultivate their interest in music.
  • Help to develop self discipline through regular practice.
  • Improve Leadership skills by conducting activities or community outreach events.
  • Music performance improves self confidence if directed and facilitated in a positive encouraging way.
  • Represent the institution National wide platform for Music Experts

Process how student join in music club and activities done in the club:

  • The club shall hold instruction every semester for interested students to join the club through the student Coordinators.
  • Initially students are required to give a glimpse of their music knowledge.
  • If they have good knowledge in music they can directly use the respective instruments.
  • If he/she is a beginner then he can use the music club under the guidance of students who has good knowledge in that particular instrument.
  • Practicing regularly in the club
  •  Conduction of musical events

Coordinator details

Male: K.Vikas, 17VV1A1218 Information technology  3rd B.Tech, Ph:8076446075.

Female: D.Blessey, 19VV1A1214 Information technology  1st B.Tech, Ph:6300857842.

Faculty coordinator: Smt.B.Nalini. Cultural coordinator.


Key board :                            10,000/-

Guitar :                                    9,990/-

Jazz drum kits:                     12,500/-

Violin:                                      3,500/-

Mic and speaker:                   5,000/-

Total worth of                    45,000/-

Details of Students

(Name, roll no., which instrument utilized, how they have utilized, when they have utilized):


1. K.Vikas (17VV1A1218  3RD IT)

2. Y.Kiran chand (18VV1A0534 2ND CSE)

3. S.Suresh (18VV1A0436 2ND ECE)

Key board:

4. P. Sangeet (17VV1A0340 3RD MECH)

5. S.Suresh(18VV1A0436 2ND ECE)

6. P.Navish (16VV1A0336 4TH MECH)


7. P.Sangeet (17VV1A0340 3RD MECH)

Music club timings

Every day 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm